Google Groups Revision is a Mistake

I generally take the other side where the consensus at Slashdot is concerned, but in their criticism of revisions to Google Groups and that indispensable interface to Usenet, past and present, they are spot on. Google has messed up.

Deep links don’t work, the interface is broken, search-by-date is gone, and so on. This is a serious error — doubly so when you consider that this is the only database where Google is in the unique position of actually owning huge chunks, as opposed to simply spidering other sites. Is this how Google plans to act when it actually owns data, as opposed to spidering other people’s data?

Google needs to do the right thing, acknowledge that it messed up, and fix this error.


  1. Tom DC/VA says:

    Advanced search is the same (for now). I’ve never used the front page.