Check out Paul-TV

I host a semi-regular program on UCSD-TV/UC-TV that is rebroadcast on the Dish Network (channel 9412!). Called “The von Liebig Forum”, it is generally a talk, and then an interview conducted by me with high-visibility folks who live/work at the interface between early-stage technologies and commercialization.

For example, back in October I had on David Feigal, the former director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health. While we didn’t have time for an interview after his talk, it was interesting stuff, some of which touched on the current debate over post-Phase III assessment of drugs (i.e., the Celebrex/Vioxx issue).

More recently, I had as guest Bill Stensrud of La Jolla-based Enterprise Partners, one of the more active venture firms in commercializing SoCal university/lab research. The Stensrud episode (including an interview with me) will televised in January, and (for those of you outside California and/or without Dish Network subscriptions) it will be available online at the above URL in streaming format at the same time.

If people have ideas for other interesting people who should come down to La Jolla, California, and be guests, by all means let me know. Scheduling is underway for next season.


  1. I can’t say I’d be too disapointed if something like a few VentureForth members made it on, or other student entrepreneurs. What about a mini series on UCSD spawned companies?