43things: be happy, live simply, and get laid (& work for Flickr)

I have to confess I’m having inordinate existential fun with 43things. Call it Flickr for ideas, the service allows you to share to-do lists and goals with others anonymously. The result? A cacophony of priorities, from the mundane — “own an apartment with hardwood floors” — to the magnificent — “fall in love” — to the heart-rending — “tell ken that I loved him once”.

For example, here are some current global priorities, according to 43things. Note that, a la Flickr, the service follows Tufte-ian style in using font size to denote item popularity:

Speaking of Flickr, I did a 43things search for Vancouver, where Flickr is domiciled. The results show that Stewart should get some comp from the City of Vancouver for economic development:

Finally, Eric Benson, one of the service’s creators, says that three uber-priorities rapidly fell out of 43things after it was launched in beta a little while ago. They are:

  1. be happy,
  2. live simply, and
  3. get laid

Is there any better testimony to the effectiveness of 43things as a diviner of existential truths? Truer goals were ne’er said.

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  1. A Different Rule of Three

    Recently ran across a very cool new site. It’s called 43 Things from Robot Co-op. It is a sort of communal, massively multiplayer, wish list of all the hopes and dreams of its visitor/members. You enter yours and see how…

  2. I’m living the dream!

  3. Paul K. says:

    Apparently you are. More importantly, however, you are more useful than tourism for bringing people to Vancouver. Who would have thought?

  4. Liz says:

    This one caught my eye. I would have to agree with Eric Benson.