Urs Holzle of Google Speaking at UCSD Nov. 8

For any readers in the San Diego area with an interest in search technologies, note that Dr. Urs Holzle of Google (on leave from UCSB) is speaking November 8th at 11am on search in the CMRR Auditorium at UC San Diego. If you’re not in San Diego, or if you are and you don’t want to brave the UCSD parking derby, you can still watch Holzle’s talk via the magic of streaming video at this link starting at 11am PST.

Either way, here is the abstract:

Search is one of the most important applications used on the Internet, but it also poses some of the most interesting challenges in computer science.  Providing high-quality search requires understanding across a wide range of computer science disciplines, from lower-level systems issues like computer architecture and distributed systems to applied areas like information retrieval, machine learning, data mining, and user interface design. 

In this talk, Holzle will describe some of the challenges in these areas, discuss some of the interesting applications related to search that Google has developed over the past few years, and he will highlight some of the behind-the-scenes pieces of infrastructure that were built in order to operate Google’s services. Along the way, he will also share some interesting observations derived from Google’s web data.

Sounds interesting, so I’ll be there. I’ll also post here if anything particularly intriguing comes up.