Real Life Intervenes …

I don’t usually get into personal disclosures here, but I have been wildly sidetracked the last few days with two feverish kids. One of my sons is three-and-a-half and the other is 10 months. Both have have been up and down for a few days, and their mother is in Hong Kong. Amazing how helpless you feel.


  1. Yup, I can relate.
    A professional child therapist once told me that high-achieving parents are actually more handicapped by the curves that kids throw in their faces because they’re used to successfully managing life, and kids sometimes don’t conform. His theory is that if you’re used to feeling that you’re barely in control of your life, you can cope better with things like kids who aren’t behaving “according to plan”. Not much help in dealing with fevers, but an interesting perspective.

  2. Interesting perspective, David. To that way of thinking, being comfortable with anarchy and with feeling ineffectual is a prerequisite to good parenting. Speaking for myself, I can deal with both in my life, but dealing with it in is something else altogether. Doubly so with a three-year-old who has discovered that feigning lassitude and pains is a good way to have all household rules temporarily lifted.