Popular Resume Fabrications

From search firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a list of the most popular evasions, obfuscations, and lies in job-seekers’ CVs. Perhaps I’m naive that way, but I’m puzzled why people lie most about the stuff that’s easily checked — education — while lying least about the things that are least easily checked — accomplishments.

(Ranked in order from most to least common)

Education: Listing degree from a school never attended; inflating grade point average and graduate honors; citing degree from online, non-accredited “education” institution.

Job title:  Making up a title or boosting actual title by one or more levels in hopes of obtaining better salary offers.

Compensation:  Inflating current or previous salary and benefits to secure more money from prospective employer.

Reason for leaving:  Saying it was a mass downsizing when the discharge was based on performance; asked to leave, but saying you quit; underplaying or completely hiding poor relationships with superiors.

Accomplishments:  Overstating one’s contributions to a team project or company performance; claiming to have received special recognition; exaggerating level of participation in an important aspect of the business.


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