Pierre Omidyar: Las Vegas Beats Silicon Valley

eBay founder Pierre Omidyar seems like a level-headed fellow, so the Q&A with him today in Business Week is worth a look. I was entertained, however, at the following exchange:

Q: You now live outside Las Vegas. Why did you leave Silicon Valley?
The public servants can’t live in the communities they serve there because it’s too expensive. It didn’t feel like a healthy dynamic. So when we came back from France, we decided to find another place.

Omidyar left the Valley and moved to Las Vegas because the latter seemed a healthier dynamic? Now that’s a statement, of sorts, about Silicon Valley — apparently even Las Vegas seems sane and mature by comparison.


  1. No accounting for taste….have you ever driven around LV? Even the “swank” parts??? Truly the worst of American sprawl in exactly the wrong place – the desert.