in Deal to Buy Search Firm Copernic

Missed this until now. (the firm in which Mark Cuban is a large shareholder) has reached a deal to buy search firm Copernic: Inc., (the “Company”), (NASDAQ: MAMA) and Copernic Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that the Company has signed a letter of intent (“LOI”) whereby would acquire all of the shares of Copernic Technologies for a combination of cash and shares of Inc.

[Update 11/29/04] A reader has written to tell me that Mark Cuban no longer holds the position. Mamma culpa.


  1. I thought I read that Cuban sold his stake in MAMA?

  2. Last I heard he still had the position, but I would happily be corrected if anyone has more recent data.

  3. Paul
    Reader of Real Money pro advisors.
    The link above says Cuban sold.

  4. Search Heating Up, Yet Again went and bought Copernic over Thanksgiving. Why Copernic? Jupiter Research analyst Gary Stein opines that Mamma’s doing this to stay in the game. I’d argue that they’re just trying to get in the game. Whoever heard of, anyway?…