LPs Offer Private Equity Pecking Order

Collier Capital has a new report out that it calls a “barometer” of the private equity environment. Among other things, it ranks private equity asset classes in terms of their current attractiveness to investors in private equity:

    1. European buyouts
    2. Asian buyouts
    3. American buyouts
    4. American venture
    5. Asian venture
    6. European venture

Better news for those out on the p/e fund-raising trail is the following:

The Barometer found that more than half of institutional investors in private equity (56%) expect to increase their exposure to alternative assets overall during the next year, with 43% expecting to increase their allocations to private equity and 45% planning to do the same with hedge funds. The good news for 2005 fund-raisers is that more than half (53%) of LPs expect to increase the number of their GP relationships, with this figure rising to 62% among Asian LPs.