Google Scholar has Librarians Afraid

While I’ve tried Google Scholar and it’s nice, it’s only marginally better than my usual query line of “pdf keyword site:edu”. The latter gets me to more or less the same place, and they’re both in the main database, so I’m not entirely sure what the newly-launched Google Scholar subsite gets me at Google.

Nevertheless, here is one comment from a librarian blog:

It will also be interesting to see if *any* of the press/chatter about Google Scholar makes even a small mention of specialized subscription databases, free access to these via libraries, and the fact that what Google is offering is merely the tip of the “scholarly” info iceberg.

Is all of this yet another nail in the coffin for library resources and maybe librarians? Too early to tell, of course. However, we have to ask yet again, why wasn’t the library community developing this kind of tool in 1999 and 2000?


  1. says:

    if librarians had jobs when the most complicated tool was a card catalog, they will certainly have jobs with all the new forms of information out there. all of the “death of” predictions are usually overdone.