Data-Mining Web Services & John Kerry Waffle Head

I have written various times about the joys of meta-data and of mining webservices, so I’m having fun messing with eBay’s new Pulse service, as well as with Terapeak’s latest iteration. While I’m a minimal eBay user (three sales ever), I’m fond of eBay as a data-generator. How else other than eBay Pulse would I know such valuable things as that “GLENN BECK’s PROJECT LONGFACE JOHN KERRY WAFFLE HEAD” is the most watched auction item on eBay?


  1. I find that the google zeitgeist is also a pretty good place to look — I just wish that they had more technology queries so I’d know what the next big thing was going to be. I think people who make search engines are in such a good position to spawn other companies and fund new industries… their exclusive access to trends is just so unfair 😉