The Message is the Software

A thoughtful and interesting post from VC/analyst Bill Burnham. He argues — correctly — that enterprise software is being torn apart from the inside, up-ending the binary-centric world in which most of us have grown up, and replacing it with a message-centric world.

It is fairly remarkable to me how many people don’t get just how completely software is changing. Things like hosted software, for example, aren’t the end of that change; they are merely manifestations of a broader shift whereby it is increasingly easy to fragment software by function and location, but have them (via message-passing) retain the coherency and responsiveness of monolithic compiled app.

In other words, software, far from being a moribund investment category, as it must seem to anyone still living in the world of shrink-wrapped apps, is more alive than ever. As Bill points, out this new intelligent cloud predicated on stateful (and possibly trangenic) messages requires new companies and services, from intelligent message-process to message brokers. Fun times.

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