“The Long Tail” Gets Slashdot-ed

Chris Anderson of Wired’s interesting “long tail” article is the subject of some typically entertaining commentary on Slashdot. As per usual in such cases, it is an unhealthy mix of insights mixed with “I know you are, but what am I?”, “Wired sucks”, and off-topic musing about defunct sci-fi TV series.

As a side note, I’m intrigued to see that it was Chris himself that passed the article on to Slashdot. It says something, does it not, that magazines are now promoting themselves to weblogs as a way of attracting audience. It is, in an ironic way, proof of Anderson’s own long-tail thesis.


  1. Interesting article, long tails have been known for a while in the websearch market, where I believe they evidence the strongest (10% of queries get 90% of traffic, etc)