Om [Doesn’t heart] Google Desktop

The irrascible Om Malik doesn’t like Google desktop. Among the most contrarian people I know, Om can be counted on to find an orthogonal way of looking at seemingly over-covered subjects. Case in point: Google’s new desktop search tool:

I think this release has been rushed. Google needs to learn one thing: what works as a web interface doesn’t necessarily work as a desktop UI. Secondly, if you are going to release something, don’t rush it.

At the risk of causing Om to flip-flop purely out of spite ;-), I agree with him. Having monkeyed with Google desktop search somewhat this afternoon I find myself gravitating back to Copernic search. While it is not an orthodox Internet-centric UI, it is richer, more usable, and more intuitive. I also much prefer the preview feature in Copernic to the snippet approach used by Google. While the latter works well in traditional web search when you have many hits, it is less useful in the more finite world of desktop search.


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