New Microsoft Search Beta

Microsoft has released a second iteration of its MSN search technology. Is it any better than the last go-around? Well, that depends on what you didn’t like last time.

This version is mildly less crowded than the last one, but it also gives fairly different results from Snap, Google, Yahoo, and the like. My benchmark test is the word “greed”, and while my Infectious Greed site is usually in the top six — don’t ask why — it doesn’t even appear on the first page at the latest MSN Search beta.

So far I’m underwhelmed.


  1. This will be a big non-event, the search market is already overpopulated and the most prominent services (Google, Yahoo, Clusty, Teoma) tend to deliver links people are satisfied with.
    For 8.5 years I have been working at one of the above firms, I have been told practically on a daily basis that Microsoft will crush us “any day now”. I’m still waiting. Microsoft is not omnipotent! Do you see many hotmail accounts around these days? Do you actually see people surfing MSN? Microsoft has let these services rot. Frankly with Longhorn delays and security issues dogging their key products, they should just spin off this stuff so they can focus on their key markets.
    Gates does not like feeling like a tech laggard but when it comes to the web and all of the money Microsoft has poured into development, they ultimately are a third rate vendor. Their browser sucks, their webserver is inferior in quality and marketshare to a free product, and their sites exist only by virtue of being hardwired into Windows.