A Tech Trifecta on Science Friday: Gloom, Doom & Boom

Ira has a tech trifecta on Science Friday tomorrow: earthquakes, influenza, and Mt St Helens. They’re my three favorite subjects — gloom, doom, and boom:

Scientists watching Mt St. Helens say seismic activity at the volcano has slowed down since last week, and that the danger of an imminent eruption has passed — at least for now. In this hour of Science Friday, we’ll get an update on the volcano and find out how scientists are monitoring it.

Plus, sorting through the data of the most monitored earthquake in history–the Parkfield quake, which shook parts of California last week. Will the data collected from the recent quake lead to better quake prediction?

And we’ll hear about the stocks of flu vaccine. Why is it so hard to produce adequate supplies of influenza vaccine?


  1. Why is it so hard to produce adequate supplies of flu vaccine? SIMPLE – it is not a market most drug makers are interested in, they are getting better margins elsewhere. The government recognizes this and is working I believe to ramp up the incentives in this market.
    This is a byproduct of our ongoing privatization of health – there is more money in “feel goods” (mood drugs, horny/boner pills) than in what the public actually needs.
    Its amazing how stupid the public has become regarding biotech. These firms are leeching the public so they can bump up exec pay and develop drugs to give us four hour erections. How much is going back in research on real health problems? As long as mood enhancers make more money…not much.