The Trouble with RIM

I was talking to a conservative (and smart) billion-dollar fund manager friend last week who loves RIM, so I have been feeling better lately about my cheery feeling toward the wireless messaging company. Not surprisingly, many out there think that RIM’s new licensing strategy is going to doom the Canadian firm, what with 60% of its revenues at risk from licensees. I disagree, for reasons that will become clear in a November column in Canadian Business magazine.


  1. not all. i think their future is pretty good. i have been saying that over on my blog for the longest time. there is an article in the latest issue of business 2.0 you should check it out.

    an outsider taking marketshare does not necessarily predict the future.

  3. Hey Om —
    Well, you and I know, but we’re such smart folks that should come as no surprise 😉 More seriously, it is a constant source of amazement to me how many people think RIM is living on borrowed time. There was a feature article in the Globe & Mail last weekend essentially saying same.