Greedy Me

I was spelunking in my server logs earlier tonight (now there’s a sign of something or another) and I discovered that a significant number of people find this site by searching Google for keyword “greed”. In case you’re curious, I’m number eight on Google’s “greed” list, behind Erich von Stroheim’s 1924 silent classic of the same name, but well ahead of the first mention of Ivan “Greed is alright” Boesky or Alan “Infectious greed” Greenspan.

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  1. John Meissner says:

    Moving on up…
    I just did a search, and it looks like you’ve slid into the number 6 spot, ahead of the 1924 classic. Now you’re one behind a ‘crust punk’ band from Sweden, and just ahead of a website about puppymills. Kudos…

  2. Paul K says:

    Thanks John. Perhaps someday soon, with the support of readers, I will, appropriately enough, be able to claim “greed” all for myself.

  3. Geoff Ho says:

    Maybe you should try and trademark that…