Donald Trump and the Art of the Interview

While I generally avoid reading pieces about Donald Trump — you get the feeling that Donald is watching you read them, and getting too much pleasure out of it — this one in the weekend NY Times is more fun than most. We learn, for example, that Trump has a new Clear Channel radio show coming out, that he is a self-winding interviewee, and that he is something of a stickler for personal hygiene:

One of the remarkable things about Trump, at least from a reporter’s point of view, is that he does not require an actual interview; he just starts talking. That morning, without even bothering to stand up and shake my hand — he believes shaking hands is a reckless invitation to infectious disease …


    Why do people prattle on about this moron? There are so many interesting people in our society…and if you are just into money porn, many of them are many times wealthier than Trump ever has been.

  2. Willy dog says:

    Yea, with all due respect to Mr. trump and his empire (partially in bancruptcy protection), I find amazing how we idolize greed- as if we can take our money with us when we’re dead. Greed is defined needing anything far in excess of ones needs. I think I’ll go stockpile a few hundred chocolate cakes– and then host TV show where apprentices claw and fight one another– and the last person standing wins a piece of one of my cakes–it is foolish, and seems more a child-like behavior than a man’s.