Copernic Search vs Blinkx: Revisited

Since comparing Blinkx and Copernic Desktop Search earlier this week, I have stubbornly continued to run the two tools in tandem. And now I have surprised myself somewhat with the results. While the things that bugged me about Copernic (and Blinkx for that matter) haven’t gone away, I’m now tilting toward Copernic search as my local search tool of choice.

What made the difference? Spending more time in the Copernic interface, to be frank. While I still find it a little cluttered, I’m becoming very fond of the granular control it gives me over search — by folder, in particular — and at least as fond of the full document preview feature. While Blinkx is somewhat cleaner and its functionality marginally more accessible, Copernic is a richer tool that rewards searchers willing to spend more time getting comfortable in the product.

Winner: Copernic Desktop Search. (Sorry Blinkx.)


  1. Hey Paul,
    would like to persuade you to change your mind! I have tried out both search engines as well and I am thoroughly not(!!) impressed with Copernic and here is why:
    1)firstly, yes, search is not contextual with Copernic, it provides Keyword and Boolean search only, which leads to hopelessly inaccurate results
    2)it’s completely language dependent, which means, again, it comes up with lots of junk
    3) it does not take into account the links between different topics like blinkx does
    4) you need to initiate a search query manually with copernic, whereas blinkx delivers content to you automatically
    …and those are just the shortcomings i can think of now, there are lots more!!! but just carry on using copernic and you will soon discover how crap it is yourself…

  2. Pavel — As I said above, I miss the contextual search feature in Blinkx. It is very nice, and it almost makes up for any other differences with Copernic. But as a pure search tool right now I’m finding Copernic handier.

  3. Interesting comments, I’ve also been trying out blinkx, copernic and A9 recently. I’ve had blinkx running the longest now and I think I will be sticking with it. I guess I’ve become used to the the workings of it now. Once I got used to the idea that it delivers content automatically and you don’t have to type in a search, I was away.