Real Simple … Stuff

I’m seeing all sorts of RSS-based stuff these days. While I’m most interested in business applications of RSS, whether caching or database or textual related, most of what I’m seeing lately is consumer-oriented.

Many of you will have seen RSS Calendar, which is interesting, but doesn’t do what I want it to do yet. I want transparent Outlook integration for my syndicated feed, and that’s just not in the cards — yet. You can see it coming, but it’s not there yet.

Another RSS site I was shown lately is RealSimpleShopping. The idea, as it appears to me, is to turn permission-based marketing into an RSS feed. In other words, you sign up for the kind of sales & coupon feeds you want, based on your interests, and that is what you receive, whether it’s clothes, CDs, bags, or whatever.


  1. Paul,
    Thanks for the mention. You are correct with your explaination of our service. A consumer keeps their email but still get’s email promotions. They are just delivered via RSS.
    Thanks again and have a good eveing.

  2. Sure Stuart. You can guess where I heard of the site….