Preview the Google Playboy Interview

Sigh, those Google guys. While I’ll stick to my view that the SEC quiet period rules are nonsensical, and, what’s more, that giving an interview before the quiet period began doesn’t (technically) violate those nonsensical rules, Sergey and Larry really are provoking people here. Sure, mess with investment bankers by scoffing at the supposed rules for doing an IPO, but messing with the government (even when it’s wrong) is never a good idea. It always wins.

Anyway, has some interesting excerpts here, and Playboy has put up a short intro to the Google guys interview here:

PLAYBOY: What does Google do that early search engines didn’t?

BRIN: Before Google, I don’t think people put much effort into the ordering of results. You might get a couple thousand results for a query. We saw that a thousand results weren’t necessarily as useful as 10 good ones.

[Update 8/13/2004] Thanks to John Battelle for pointing this out, but the full Playboy interview is now up. It’s in a Google S-1/A filed today. I’m guessing Playboy’s not exactly thrilled to have its “exclusive” interview appear freely online before it hits the stands.