Desktop Search is (Still) All the Rage

Decent piece in today’s SF Chronicle summarizing the various players, big and small, chasing desktop search. We have, of course, Blinkx, X1 (misspelled in the article as X-1), and Copernic, among others.

So who is best? Sadly, the article settles for the journalistic standby of saying “Wait ’til Microsoft shows up”, suggesting that the big software machines at Google and Microsoft will almost certainly flatten the market, leaving little for Blinkx, et al.

My view? I long ago gave up on Copernic (overkill), migrated through X1 (too quirky, too costly, and no unified search view), and have ended up blinking fondly at Blinkx.


  1. I have done my ‘blinking’, too and think you are right- blinkx beats the others by a mile. It was free to download, which was a nice treat to start with and it is actually really addictive! I think it’s completely stupid to think that Microsoft is going to do something better just because they have all the money and power already. The best ideas are often developed by a couple of gifted people who get together in a garage and produce something mind-blowingly amazing. thumbs up for blinkx!