Yahoo, Oddpost, and Email as the Undiscovered Country

Oddpost is like the people behind the online email app: quirky, frustrating, and technically excellent. It is a stupendously idiosyncratic example what is possible to do with a Javascript app. It is also a great example of how much better online apps can be than they currently are, email just being the Oddpost example.

But that bring me back to my point. News that Oddpost has been purchased by Yahoo is good for Oddpost (and interesting side-shot at Google’s Gmail and its quirky interface), but more importantly, it is a great example of why messaging opportunities are more prevalent than most people think. Who would have thought you could be tinkering away on an online Outlook clone in 2004 and get paid handily for it?

While it’s not the most important part of the story, it is also instructive that the traditional media haven’t picked up this story. Not that it’s epochal — far from it — but it is interesting on at least a couple of levels, one being the technical one I allude to above. The other, of course, is that it represents a new front in the evolving email wars, one that gets away from current over-emphasis on who-has-the-biggest-hard-drive.

As a side note, the story also validates my habit of following my nose on this sort of thing. I’ve been an Oddpost subscriber from very close to day one, fully and completely convinced that there was something interesting going on there — and there was/is.


  1. It’s keeps on going – Yahoo buys Oddpost

    Thanks Rajesh Jain and Paul Kedrosky for the heads up. In the what seem like ever escalating stakes in the yahoo/gmail/hotmail dragraces, here’s a new development. Yahoo just bought Oddpost, the service/tool that has a very nice, integrated RSS…

  2. Lindsey says:

    World domination gone wrong… we just lost and were taken over by the competition :(
    I was loyal to Oddpost b/c they rocked – and I didn’t have to use Hotmail or Yahoo. Now what?