Wikis, the WSJ, and Venture Capital

Today’s WSJ has a Kara Swisher piece singing the “wikis change the world” theme. To her credit, she touches on some of the most important issues, like managing collaboration, avoiding edit storms, and deciding who the canonical sources are in a multi-contributor environment.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, venture folks are investing in the category. I see emails floating around increasingly on the subject as venture sorts try to wrap their heads around this “new” software thing, trying to parse how to profit from Wikis. With that in mind, Jot, Social Text, and TWiki all get a mention in the piece.

While I’m fond of Wikis’ wonderful anarchism, I still think they are a feature not a product. I’m happily proven wrong, but I think they only matter en masse (in business) insofar as they are better-integrated into email, calendaring, and other apps. Sure, some tech companies will embrace ’em sooner, but I don’t expect them to really take-off before the above integration issues are cleaned and scrubbed.


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