Syndication Writ Large, HBR, etc.

My June Harvard Business Review piece continues to attract emails, interesting comments, and strange conference invites (almost always in multisyllabic, vowel-free places). Fair enough, although I don’t think what I had to say should have been too surprising to any thoughtful person immersed at all in lightweight syndication technologies.

On the contrary, it should be self-evident that reducing the effective cost (direct and indirect) of syndicating structured information will cause more information to be syndicated. That change will attract corporations en masse, if only for the cost-savings and the new customer channels created by nano-publishing press releases and price sheets.

But that is relatively mundane, and only the beginning. A change in the cost and ease of syndication will cause far more types of information to be syndicated — not just news, and certainly not just blogs. That is what is interesting about all of this, and it is baffling to me that so few people get it.