How Google Ruined its IPO

Not to turn into “All Google IPO, All the Time” — I’ll leave that to the regular media, who are doing just fine at that — but Jim Cramer (of Kudlow & Cramer and RealMoney fame) has a nice piece out on the woeful Google public offering.

Here are some highlights:

Someone has to say it, might as well be me: If you wanted to do everything you could to kill the Google deal, if you wanted to do everything you could to be sure that you generated the worst deal ever, you would do exactly what Google’s done.


Let me count the ways.

First, you buck the system, which had finally gotten a lot of the kinks out of it, and make sure that the thing’s done Dutch. I know the bonds are used to Dutch auctions, but the unsophisticated public sure isn’t. Start the Dutch revolution without me.


Second, you set the price at a level that is the most forbidding to the most people: north of $100. What the heck does that prove? That you intend to be the next Berkshire Hathaway?


Third, you talk about shareholder democracy but then you do the single most anti-democratic thing possible: issue two classes of stock.


Fourth, you wait until the dog days of summer to do the deal when no one’s around anyway.


Fifth, you show total contempt for all of the institutions that, like it or not, represent most of the buyers out there, especially now that you price the deal at $100 a share.