Blinkx Searches for Cash — Sort of

Search company Blinkx filed unsurprising notice today that it is out looking for cash. The buzz created by, among other things, Om Malik’s recent enthusiasm for the firm has made the desktop tool company speed up its fund-raising plans — and Om even gets a mention in the VentureWire piece today.
Anyway, Blinkx is out looking for $20-million in Series A financing. While my hunch is that they will have fund-raising success, I’m not a fan of early-stage firms announcing their fund-raising plans so publicly; it smacks of trouble or a poor understanding of the venture world. Instead of getting Sequoia, Oak, or KP, you’re more likely to get a bunch of VSE carpet-baggers trying to take you public via an RTO on a shell company.
You’re far better off to go and raise the money from the right firms, then come back and brag about it. Don’t tell us you want it — tell us you’ve got it.