Is Blinkx Bling?

Someone please tell me whether Blinkx is the niftiest thing since Google, or just the second coming of … well, a hundred near-miss technologies. At the perceptive Om Malik’s textual urging I am trying out this new integrated contextual search tool, but I can’t make up my mind about it.

On the one hand it is nifty to get everything in context. And tying together news, the web, and my file system in one product is the current software Grail Quest … but I’m not sure this is it.

For starters, there is something about searching the web and being shown all sorts of pages from my own hard-drive that have something to do with the issue at hand that makes me feel like I’m in a dark, padded room talking to myself.

But that could just be me.


  1. paul, i am sure like me you are a person who has to deal with a lot of documents, many of them sitting on your desktop. i think this is a good tool which takes away doing searches for additional information on google. clearly this is a young company and is trying as hard to run to the future. the issue of data being shown on my hard drive – well they really don’t take the informaiton and throw it out there. they scan the document and bring you additional information. nearly 15 hours of using this tool, i am thinking what was i really doing before this. sort of like the reaction i had with google. and you know me, i am one those crusty ole bastards who does not like anything. :-)

  2. Om — It is your tireless crustiness that got me to try Blinkx. I figured if Om likes it, there has to be something here.
    More seriously, I think there is something here — and I am convinced integrated search is vital. Similarly, context is an aspect of integrated search that I hadn’t thought much about, and it is intriguing as heck.
    I think I’m mostly cringing at the inherent echo chamber of constantly being reminded of what everyone else — including me — has said about the topic at hand. I’m sure I’ll get over that.

  3. wow a compliment from you paul. i love it! hopefully i have not led you down the garden path.