Google Purchased Neotonic — Or Not. Maybe.

Did Google buy Neotonic or not?

Last Friday ran a story saying that Google had bought Neotonic, a privately-held maker of email-oriented customer service software. Now, however, that page link is broken, and a search of for “neotonic” comes up with nothing.

Trouble is, Google’s own news service says that still has the story (which it demonstrably doesn’t). And while Neotonic’s front page has mysteriously changed to a placeholder, a deep link takes you to a page saying that the company won’t do demos — because it was recently acquired by Google.

The upshot? Let’s just say that if I was a conspiracy sort I’d think it looked like Neotonic was bought by Google, but someone convinced not to say anything. Bizarre. 


  1. They did, but it was a year ago, guess they goofed: