Calgary is Healthiest Place to Live?

Mercer Human Resource Consulting has annointed Calgary as the best place in the world in which to live for a clean, healthy lifestyle. While there is nothing specifically wrong with Calgary — and you are reasonably close to the Rockies and Canmore — the city is not the healthiest place in the world to live.

Come to Calgary mid-winter and it is a freezing moonscape. Come to Calgary mid-summer and it is a boiling moonscape. The city tries hard, but it can’t escape the fundamental problem that its location on an arid plain can only be explained by it having fallen off the back of a passing interplanetary flatbed truck. I’m convinced that part of the reason so many Calgary-ians are so healthy is that can’t stand the idea of spending another weekend in the city, so they hike every weekend.

More seriously, the choice shows just what is wrong with doing such things using weighted criteria. By the time you mung together all the items you end up with a complete compromise, a city that wins on the details but doesn’t really appeal to anyone in particular — other than city boosters. It’s sort of like the old joke that if your head is in the fridge and your feet are in the oven then on balance you feel okay — in Calgary.


  1. TROTSKY says:

    Hey, I went to Calgary one year in June. I was baffled by all the enclosed walkways connecting the downtown buildings until I pondered the weather in January. A truly bright, lovely city, though. The Jewel of Alberta