Canada: Tastes Great, More Taxing

A Federal election has been called in Canada, and magnificently loopy stuff is being generated in prodigious quantities. Here is a current favorite:

CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island (Reuters) – Casting aside a record built up as a tax-cutter, Prime Minister Paul Martin has launched his election campaign to the left in declaring Canada can no longer afford big new tax reductions.

“You can’t have a country like Canada with the taxation levels of the United States. Not without risking the very social programs, the institutions and values that makes us us,” he proclaimed in a commercial that began running on Sunday night after he called an early election for June 28.

“That’s the Canada we choose — prosperous yet generous of spirit,” he said.


  1. frederick says:

    What precisely is so “magnificently loopy” about this excerpt?

  2. There is a fundamental incongruity in advocating prosperity welded to an only-in-Canada fondness for distributional taxes. Open borders and freer trade make that sort of societal largesse abritrage-able, as, for example, we’re finding out (to Canada’s eventual detriment) in the current presciption drug brouhaha.
    To put it another way, a U.S.-based Martin might equally have said, “You can’t have a country like the U.S. with the taxation levels present in Canada. Not without risking the economic opportunities and values that make us us. That’s the U.S. we choose — prosperous yet generous of spirit.”