And a MAC Spoofer in a Pear Tree …

Rosy-eyed sorts optimistic about the wonders of wireless would do well to read the following snippet from an AirDefense press release. It is a collection of just some of the WiFi shenanigans that occured on the conference floor this week at the big Networld + Interop trade show in Las Vegas:

  • 189 separate attacks on different devices
  • 112 separate MAC spoofing attacks
  • 89 Denial of Service attacks
  • 42 authentication attacks, likely due to brute force attacks or misconfigured clients
  • 20 separate AirSnarf attacks
  • 4 separate Hotspotter attacks
  • 3 large Ad-Hoc mesh networks were re-established on day two with an average of 10 stations connected.
  • Another association was made with the Sear Service Toolbox (SST-PR-1) and the network was attacked twice
  • One Virtual Routing Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) attack, a routing tool attack to redirect traffic
  • 165 BlueJack attacks
  • 12 Blue Snarf attacks

All of this was in addition to the usual collection of people messing about with ad hoc networks, Soft AP SSID forges, and so on. Welcome to the future.