Me, WSJ, and Tiger Woods

For those of you reading this site because you spotted my Tiger Woods OpEd in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal, here are two graphs underlying the piece.

First, here is the all-PGA relationship between driving distance and accuracy:

And second, here is Tiger Woods’s personal distance-accuracy data:

And finally, here are my musings on the geometry of errant drives. I trimmed this out of the final piece for word count reasons:

“…it is tough to trump the trigonometry of right triangles. Even in the absence of spin, a two degree twist right (left) in a club face translates into a 290-yard drive going 10 yards right (left) of fairway dead center. At 300 yards the same amount of face twist would cause the ball to be another foot-and-a-half off-center. While that might not seem like much, on narrow pro fairways — and given hooks and slices in real-world golf — that is more than enough to have pros missing many more fairways.”