MBAs: Now, Never, or Later

It isn’t one of the great questions of life, the universe, and everything, but “When should I do an MBA?” is a query I hear all the time. Assuming that you’re fixed on doing one, the usual answer is do it 2-5 years after graduating — that way you have enough work experience to be more than dead-weight in the classroom.

Well, a senior banker at investment banking firm Friedman, Billing, Ramsey begs to differ in today’s Wall Street Journal. He says:

“We like to see that they have an M.B.A., and we’d prefer it to be right out of undergrad rather than going back to school later. If they were good at what they were doing after school, they probably never would have gone back to begin with.”


  1. Not true…an investment banker is trying to say that an MBA is not necessary. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that the best banker in the world’s resume wouldn’t even be looked at if it didn’t have an MBA degree listed.
    So, a recent graduate banker is really good at his job. He gets promoted twice in two years. Is an investment bank going to look at his resume without that MBA? I doubt it.
    Being good at your job has nothing to do with getting an MBA and that senior banker is a moron.