Martha, Apple & the Ink Experts

Life — or at least the Martha Stewart trial — is imitating a typographic CSI. There have been duelling prosecution and defense ink experts on the stand, both trying to prove whether Ms. Stewart’s broker wrote the “@60” mark (i.e., a pre-agreement to sell ImClone at $60) on Martha’ statement:

The top ink analyst at the U.S. Secret Service testified last week that all the ink markings on the worksheet came from one or several Paper Mate pens, except the “@60” mark, which was an different ink.

Bacanovic attorney Richard Strassberg presented an alternative ink expert Monday, who testified that a small dash near the listing for Apple Computer matched the “@60” notation.

For some reason I’m just fascinated to hear that the U.S. Secret Service has a “top ink analyst”. What does it say on their business cards?