Getting Fired by Trump — For Real

Of all the entries in this Newsday story of people fired by Donald Trump in real life, my favorite is that of Chef Bernard Goupy. He labored for Trump for six months at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, and so he wasn’t fired in a sumptuous boardroom. Goupy tells of his kitchen encounter with the Donald this way [to be read with a strong French accent]:

“He came in the kitchen swearing like a truck driver. Completely berserk. He said, ‘What is this Caesar salad?'” Trump picked up a bowl and threw in some Romaine lettuce and cheese. “He said, ‘The way I want it is this way. That is the Caesar salad I want.'”

The next day Goupy was gone. How does Trump repond to Goupy’s story? In classic The Donald fashion: “I think he’s a terrible chef, but he seemed like a nice guy.”