Encounters with Martha, Part III

More telephone encounters with Martha. Once again, it is Merrill brokerage assistant Doug Faneuil testifying to a brief but firey chat with home-decorating doyenne Martha Stewart:

Stewart was on the phone with Bacanovic, but when Bacanovic had to find some documents, he put her on hold. After a while, Bacanovic told Faneuil to pick up and let Stewart know that he would be back to her shortly.

Faneuil said Stewart immediately launched into a tirade about the music that Merrill piped through its phone lines for people on hold. Stewart “was going to leave Peter Bacanovic and leave Merrill Lynch unless the hold music was changed”.

I still think Martha should not be in court given the accusation, but I’m feeling a growing guilty pleasure — as the saying goes, you just can’t make this sort of stuff up.