Encounters with Martha, Part II

According to the Wall Street Journal, the following two emails are from ex-Merrill Lynch broker Douglas Faneuil to a friend about his pre-ImClone-debacle phone conversations with Martha Stewart. As you can tell, she wasn’t always particularly demure. Of course, the defense plans to use these emails as evidence Faneuil had it in for Stewart:

  1. Oct. 23, 2001:
    Subj: I just spoke to MARTHA!
    I have never, ever been treated so rudely by a stranger on the telephone. She actually hung up on me! And she had the nerve — the NERVE — the (sic) mention the layoffs in her anger. She said, “Do you know who the hell is answering your phones? You call and you know what he sounds like? He says this …” and then she made the most ridiculous sound I’ve heard coming from an adult in quite some time, kind of like a lion roaring underwater. I laughed; I thought she was joking. And then she yelled, “This is not a joke!!! … ‘Merrill Lynch is laying off ten thousand employees because of people like that idiot!’ And then she hung up.
  2. Oct. 26, 2001:
    Martha yelled at me again today, but I snapped in her face and she actually backed down! Baby put Ms. Martha in her place!!!

I love Martha’s consideration. Can’t Faneuil tell she was just trying to help out with customer service at Merrill Lynch?