Emerging Technologies Conference in SD

I’m at the Emerging Technologies Conference here in San Diego this week, so postings may be intermittent and/or particularly electic.

Speaking of digressions, it is strange living in a place that other people go to for conferences. Three out of the last four conferences I have travelled to have been about twenty minutes south of our house down the I-5 freeway i.e., in downtown San Diego. It sometimes feels like living on a movie set on Conference Planet, with people treating you as some sort of moving non-commercial backdrop.

For example, I was downtown in San Diego last Friday doing a TV spot for CBC Newsworld, and there was, of course, a conference going on. It was the International Stroke Conference of the American Heart Assocation, and doctors were everywhere. People in front of shops along 5th Avenue had that hungry look as they checked passers-by out to see if they looked requisitely doctor-like — that is, they were ready to spend heavily on meals and thingies — or if they were merely locals passing some time. My TV get-up — blazer and blue-shirt on top, worn-out jeans on the bottom — was a dead give-away that I was no stroke specialist.