Reverse eBay: Why not?

Why is there no reverse eBay? In other words, why not have a site where motivated buyers can put up notes advertising things that they really want to buy? Sure, you’d have to have the would-be buyer pay a fee so that you don’t end up cannibalizing your auction business, but it makes perfect sense — and it belongs at eBay.

The idea, by the way, comes from a recent post at the excellent Why Not? website. It is a spin-off from a fascinating 2003 book of the same name by an economist, Barry Nalebuff, and a law professor, Ian Ayres. In essence, the book suggests ways to come with creative ideas that revolve around reversing, combining, or otherwise intermixing existing good ideas.


  1. I was just walking down the street when I had this exact idea. I went to Google and typed in “Reverse ebay” and found this article!

  2. Karl Major says:

    Have you tried This is a UK-based reverse person to person site.

  3. Have you checked out It is exactly what you are looking for and free. Plus, true reverse auctions are coming soon.

  4. I just found a Reverse Ebay, the url is even EBAY backwards (in reverse) ….