Posturing to Play Martha Pundit

To paraphrase Paul Simon, every public trial run a pundit up the pop charts. For example, it may be hard to remember now, but Greta van Sustern, among many others, sprang whole from the O.J. Simpson trial.

You can see business and legal sorts angling for the pundit post position in the current Martha Stewart trial. Everyone is trying to find the right mix of provocative and profound as they opine madly on the trial, all hoping, it would seem, for a few minutes on CNN.

The trouble is, there isn’t much there there. This is not a particularly interesting trial, celebrity aside. To the disappointment of legal sorts everywhere, insider trading is death to ratings, especially given how difficult such cases are to prove. The testimony is likely to be numbing, no matter how much fun name-calling goes on at this early stage. All the (correct) caterwauling now about how Martha is being unfairly treated won’t change anything.