Now Conan for NatPost

A few missives back I mentioned that the National Post, for which I write a twice-weekly business column, was being excluded from covering talkshow host Conan O’Brien’s week of broadcasts from Toronto. The paper had apparently been too noisy about the $1 million price tag being paid by Canadian taxpayers to promote tourism using O’Brien.

Well, the story is changing: According to today’s NY Daily News, NBC forced the Toronto organizers to allow the National Post to cover the absurd event again. A huge relief, I’m sure, to the folks at the Post — not.

Anyway, here is a snippet from a note to National Post editor Matthew Fraser from event organizer Peter Soumalias:

“I regret that in my haste to convey to you my feelings that I indicated your access …might in any way be restricted. You will have the same access as all media, as you should.”