Larry Ellison’s Nuptuals

Quirky piece in the Independent about Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s recent marriage to romance novelist Melanie Craft. It is requisitely snide in that U.K. way, so you get bon mots like the following:

“At 34, Ms Craft is 25 years younger than the Oracle chief. Cruel commentators suggested her background in archaeology – which she studied at the American University in Cairo – may stand her in good stead.”


  1. Kristin Johnson says:

    This marriage is hilarious. It is a total image of convenience to make Mr. Ellison look like a legitimate family man. It is well known in his inner circle that he has another younger girlfriend that he is frequently seen with. Just read Ms. Craft’s novels on how a CEO marries a novelist to make himself into a “family man.” What comedy.

  2. Randy Johnson says:

    Joke indeed. What is this “novelist”‘s contribution to this marriage? Mr.Ellison gets big tax deduction? He remains as cheap as ever.