Business School Rankings

The latest business school rankings are out from the Financial Times. Two things:

  1. Nothing has changed where it counts — the top ten schools are still the top ten schools. No-one is mounting an assault on Harvard’s hegemony any time soon, which speaks volumes about the caste system in business schools; and

  2. Also-rans crowed about having done well at some cherry-picked obscure element of the FT survey. For example, Queen’s University in Canada is telling people that it ranked No. 1 in “the extent to which alumni felt they had fulfilled their goals in entering the MBA program”. And University of Alberta, ranked 97th, is bravely bragging that is in the top 100.

The close and immediate attention to the annual FT survey remains a sign of how fierce the fight is for place among business schools. Deans alternately pretend rankings don’t matter, and crow about how they have done in said rankings.