Separated at Birth? Hackman and Hussein

When I first saw the picture of Saddam Hussein this morning he looked awfully familiar. There was a little bit of the naked hermit from Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”, and there was a little of Ted Kaczynski, but there was someone else … and then it came to me. After being pulled out of his hole in the ground, Saddam Hussein is a dead ringer for Gene Hackman’s blind hermit in the classic Mel Brooks comedy, “Young Frankenstein” (1974).


  1. Hee! Good catch.

  2. I think he looks a little like Fidel.

  3. Drinky Crow says:

    Wait! Wait! I was going to make espresso.

  4. S.A. Smith says:

    I thought he looked a little like Jerry Garcia. Any ideas for a Saddam-inspired ice-cream flavor? Pecan Hussein? How about Uday-Qusay Nut Crunch? Peanut Butter Ba-ath Party? How about Genocide by Chocolate? All proceeds of course will be directed to Elect Dean 2000.
    I know, not funny. I’ll leave now.

  5. Actually, “Genocide by Chocolate” has a certain ring to it. And, since Ben and Jerry undoubtedly are on the side of those who wanted to keep Saddam in power…

  6. S.A. Smith says:

    Precisely Reid. And don’t forget that both Ben and Jerry are from Vermont. Now to show that I am not completely living in the past, let me correct something: Make that: Elect Dean 2004.

  7. I’ve got a surprise – cigars!

  8. ma sparateve straccia de merde!

  9. Ben (a different one) says:

    The pics make him look like the Unibomber or Karl Marx, maybe Castro. Note that videotaping his medical exam is being called “humiliating” Okay, medical exams are humiliating, welcome to the real world.

  10. No, it was videotaping their search for body-lice that was so humiliating… and Saddam’s obvious, complete cur-like absence of ANY bite… a broken bitch, lousy, flea-bitten and dog-tired.
    On to the trial! (Offscreen: “Get the noose ready!”)

  11. Aqualung, my friend, don’t you start away uneasy. . .you poor old sod, you see it’s only me.