Poll: Canada’s Prime Minister is … ?

Who is Canada’s current Prime Minister?

a) Jean Chretien

b) Brian Mulroney

c) Paul Martin

d) Pierre Trudeau

For extra bonus points, how long has he been in the position? No cheating or peaking at answers.

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  1. Chris Taylor says:

    Paul Martin, and he has been Prime Minister for three days as of this writing.

  2. clueless says:

    I think none of those answers are right The correct answer is Wayne Gretzky

  3. Danny Szpiro says:

    This is a trick question. Our host, Paul K., moved into 24 Sussex about 2 weeks ago and now he’s trolling for recognition.

  4. Greg Peck says:

    C) I think??

  5. Greg Peck says:

    C) I think??