Currency quicksand: $12bn (£6.8bn, €9.7bn)

Here is one reason why currencies are consolidating: $12bn (£6.8bn, €9.7bn). The preceding is a snippet from a Financial Times article today about flat-panel displays. Here is the full quote:

In October, Samsung Electronics started constructing a giant $12bn (£6.8bn, €9.7bn) factory in the province to make liquid crystal displays (LCD) for flat screen television sets and monitors. By 2010 the plant is forecast to be the world’s largest producer of flat-panel displays.[Emphasis added]

Notice what happens when your eyes get to the currency info. Your eyes stop, wander around, and generally lose momentum. You try valiantly to figure out which currency is which, but currencies are like quicksand. Which one do you really want to know? And what are all those other funny symbols? Wait, is that the euro symbol, or is that the euro symbol? It all blurs into something like modem line-noise, and you rapidly conclude that maybe you didn’t want to know anyway.