Biographies Better than Canada, says Bill Bryson

Here is author and travel-writer Bill Bryson in a Financial Times interview this weekend. Apparently he’d like to write a travel book on Canada, but he has been told that is not such a good idea — and so he is thinking of writing a biography instead. Ouch.

At the moment [Bryson] isn’t working on a particular book but has 10 ideas he is researching. “I would absolutely love to do a book on Canada,” he declares boldly. There’s a pause as I struggle but fail to say something enthusiastic. “I find Canada fascinating, particularly its relationship to the US.
“But publishers beg you not to do a book on Canada. Nobody wants to read a book on Canada. Even Canadians don’t want to read a book on Canada! My wife would very much prefer it if I did a book where I stayed at home, which makes a book on Canada doubly difficult. So I also have ideas for other things like biographies.”