“Are we shooting people, or what?”

Life in Iraq continues to be more and more like outtakes from the movie “Three Kings”. The latest example comes from a Reuters story containing an interview with troops from the brigade that captured Saddam. They were surprised at how easily nabbing Saddam went, to the point that one gunner was unhappy at the absence of gun-play:

“My gunner said: ‘Is that it? No shooting?”‘ said Capt. Desmond Bailey, a commander of troops that encircled Saddam.

“He’s the best gunner in the troop, so he was a bit disappointed.”

Shades of that great back-and-forth from “Three Kings”:

Troy Barlow: Are we shooting?

Soldier: What?

Troy Barlow: Are we shooting people or what?

Soldier: Are we shooting?

Troy Barlow: That’s what I’m asking you!

Soldier: What’s the answer?

Troy Barlow: I don’t know the answer! That’s what I’m trying to find out!